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      About us

            Hangzhou Globe Broadcasting and Sound Co., Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of professional audio and public broadcasting equipments in China. This enterprise has over 25 years of plentiful experience in plan, research and manufacture in this field.     Our company is in the lead of the audio industry in China due to excellent design, technical teams and using materials with high quality. It owns 15,000 square meters of modernized ......More>

      Certificate for some Products:

      The Governing Unit of CETA:

      Registered Trademark :




      • NAMM Show

        Hangzhou GlobeSound will participate in the 2012 NAMM show in USA. January 19-22 , Anaheim Convention Center , Booth #HALLE 1370-ABH ...
      • New Building

        A new workshop building has been built in May 2011. The building area of the factory has been 15,000 sqare meters now.The production capac...
      • Exhibition

        Hangzhou Globe as a board member of CETA participates PALM Expo Beijinag and Prolight + Sound Shanghai exhibition every year. Hangzhou Glo...
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